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     Meet Ted Parkinson


Welcome to my website!

Ever since I can remember, music has been a part of my life. Since early adulthood, I have been playing, singing and studying, usually as I did something else to earn a living. I am now privileged to have the time to return to music teaching. Please read on to learn a bit more about me, and what I can offer you to help me share this love of music! more...


The foundation for enjoyment of playing any instrument is mastering technique at a sufficient proficiency so that music at any level is enjoyable. I encourage students to study in a recognized system such as the Royal Conservatory, and I fully support students where there is a desire to prepare for examinations. more...

Math & Science

I have been involved in teaching the Ontario curriculum in mathematics, physics and science for over twenty-five years. Students of mathematics and science will be expected to do small weekly assignments for me. more...

A Word or Two...

"Ted has performed wonders for both my children. Not only is he extremely patient and thorough, his approach to teaching makes learning the piano really fun. If everybody had Ted as a piano teacher growing up, we'd all still be playing today."
     Tom Osborne

"Mastery of this skill (problem solving) empowers students to explore further the many wonderful facets of physics in particular."
     Ted Parkinson
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